Our Team


Devin Dombrowski

President, Co-Founder and Lead Developer

Devin Dombrowski has been a wildlife rehabilitator since 2003. Starting out at Lindsay
Wildlife Hospital and moving around to work with IBR in Cordelia, CA - Sonoma County Wildlife, Belize Bird Rescue, CROW and Native Songbird Care and Conservation. He has also been involved with several of the last major oil spill events in California. He is self taught web developer specializing in database management software. Combining his passion and skills he co-founded the The Wild Neighbors Database Project and developed Wildlife Rehabilitation MD "WRMD". Through the Wild Neighbors Database Project he has partnered with the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, The One Health Institute at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and California Department of Fish and Wildlife to create two separate extraordinary projects that bring the importance of wildlife rehabilitation to the forefront of ecological science!

Rachel Avilla

Secretary, Co-founder and Customer Relations manager

Rachel Avilla has been a Wildlife Rehabilitator since 2003. After graduating from college with a BS in Environmental Science, she started volunteering/working for The Bird Rescue Center in Santa Rosa, CA – Lindsay Wildlife Hospital in Walnut Creek, CA – Belize Bird Rescue, in Roaring Creek, Belize –  Native Songbird Care and Conservation in Sebastopol, CA. She is the co-founder of the Wild Neighbor’s Database Project and has supported Devin through the development of WRMD by adding the human element to the design and managing customer relations. Since WRMD has been a booming success it has given her the opportunity to visit dozens of centers all of the US and abroad. With this experience, she has developed a unique view into wildlife rehabilitation internationally and has made it her goal to discover the leverage points of this field. How can wildlife rehabilitators best continue to improve their skills and knowledge as well as bring its hard work and knowledge to the forefront of science to use that collective data to better help wildlife as a whole?

As much as she loves working directly with the animals and wishes she could contribute more to direct animal care, she has come to the acknowledgement that at this point her skills are best used in organizing the community as a whole. With her experience of collaborating with hundreds of organizations and thousands of users she has gained a view of the big picture. To this end she joined the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators (CCWR) board of directors in 2017 and took on Presidency in 2018. CCWR is one of the largest and oldest statewide wildlife rehabilitation organizations and has the opportunity to make a difference at a state level. Where California goes, so does the rest of the nation, eventually.


Marie Travers

Board Member at Large, Oil Spill Specialist

Marie Travers has been working with wildlife since 2001 and specializes in aquatic birds and oiled wildlife response. She is an oiled wildlife specialist and rehabilitation manager with Focus Wildlife, and has responded to spills in the US and internationally. She serves on the Wild Neighbors Database Project and previously served on the boards of California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators and Bird Ally X. She volunteers at Native Songbird Care and Conservation and is a BeachWatch volunteer with the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. She is a co-founder of Bird Ally X and co-author of An Introduction to Aquatic Bird Rehabilitation. 


Doris Duncan

Board Member at Large, Fundraising Specialist

After a fifteen-year career in education, Ms. Duncan became involved in wildlife rehabilitation in 1997 at the urging of her young daughter. To support her daughter’s dream, Ms. Duncan and her daughter volunteered together at various wildlife centers in northern California. In 2000, Ms. Duncan was hired as the first employee of Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue and was subsequently promoted to Executive Director. She has served as a board member for the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators and the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee – an appointment by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. She is currently a member of Oiled Wildlife Care Network and International Bird Rescue Center’s Oiled Wildlife Response Team. In 2004, Ms. Duncan launched a pilot nuisance wildlife exclusion service – “A Wildlife Exclusion Service.” (AWES) She now mentors other wild rehabilitation centers to start their own exclusion service.Ms. Duncan especially enjoys hands-on work including wildlife rescues, oil spill response, designing and building wildlife enclosures, and working with other professional and passionate people in the field.


Sonia Lunacek

Board member at Large, Communications and Marketing Specialist

Sonia is the co-founder of UpliftEXP, a restorative wellness experience that applies movement, breath, and nature connection to gain mental clarity. A former communications strategist in the non-profit, design, and fitness industries, Sonia creates engaged communities through impactful content and enhanced team collaboration. Living in Alaska in early childhood sparked a lifelong passion for wildlife, and Sonia is thrilled to serve the Wild Neighbors Database Project to help support and improve the lives of wild patients around the world!