We Design and Develop Online Data Management Systems to Empower Wildlife Professionals and Advance One Health

The Wild Neighbors Database Project is a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization which promotes international wildlife rehabilitation by developing online data management software and helping implement its use worldwide to gather and exchange wildlife data.


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Our Goals

When the Wild Neighbors Database Project started it out we had a few goals in mind.

1) Save the Wildlife
2) Save the People
3) Save the Data


Our Team

We are a small team of dedicated wildlife rehabilitators intent of supporting and improving the lives of wild patients everywhere. It is a tough job but we are equal to the task. Meet our co-founders and board of directors who have helped shape this organization into what it is.


Our Partners

Find out more about who we have collaborated with. Sharing our experiences and networking and essential to your work. We can only do what needs to be done, together.


Our Projects

To date, we have 3 major projects that we have developed.

1) Wildlife Rehabilitation MD (WRMD)

2) O-WRMD an Oil Spill Response Database for Wildlife Care

3) The Wildlife Morbidity and Mortality Alert System (WMME Alert System)